Yummy Burgers!

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Today Hong went out and bought some fresh beef and we grilled some burgers for dinner. These 1/2lb burgers are so thick, juicy I need to put them down for another reason in the ‘why I don’t want to be a vegetarian’ list. I made sure to put in lots of veggies to make it a little healthier. haha. Finally I meet a burger that I can’t devour half of it in a single bite, this one I had to attack it from an angle! I must say it is up there with those burgers I had at Mike Purvis’ place during 1B.

Seiji and his ‘gigantus’ burger. As many of you know, I have to take an online professional development course during my workterm called PDEng. Well the term is reaching the halfway point but we have only seen 2/8 modules and 1/5 assignments. I am not going to be happy if they cram in all in till the end…

Just scrolling in the marking rubric I found this and find it quite entertaining.

Ability to express a personal opinion on an ethical issue in a respectful manner
There is an art to presenting personal views so that a reader, who may not be initially in agreement with your opinion, will at least take your points into consideration when making decisions. It is very important to use a respectful tone at all times by avoiding overly contentious phrasing, and at the same time to not be so vague that you give the reader the impression that you do not have an opinion on the matter. Your must avoid the use of CRAP and DRIVEL when presenting your opinions and supporting evidence.

CRAP (Creative Rhetoric and Posturing) includes: excessive descriptions or broad generalizations that are not supported; provocations that do not have a basis in fact (often in the way of threats or insults).
DRIVEL (aka BS) includes: deceitful wording; nonsense; false or erroneous information put forward as fact; absurd or impossible schemes or solutions.

A slight change at the top, all the links are preserved just like before. If you have a problem with clowns, too bad!

SamYummy Burgers!

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  1. jsunkistc

    those clowns look scary…

    and in response to CRAP, I’ve usually heard that there is an award that accompanies it…called the golden shovel award…given to the recipient who can best shovel it on thick…

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