Wedding in Boston

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So this past weekend I attended my future landlord’s daughter’s wedding. Due to the rain the wedding was moved into the banquet hall with just chandelier light pointing up to the ceiling. I had left my external flash in Canada so it was very challenging to get the shots to come out.

SamWedding in Boston

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  1. Mike Purvis

    Dude, seriously, what the hell are you doing in engineering?

    This stuff is gorgeous.

    Oh yeah, and, I call dibs on you the weekend of my wedding, sometime in the distant future. Gotta find a woman first, though. :)

  2. Ian

    hahah , yeah. I am having a good time in Cali.. you havent updated in a LOnnnng while man haha. how are you liking your new place?

    WHat about your job? you busy? go online and msg me so i can see how you’re doing :D


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