Weekend In TO!

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Home during the weekend was fun and at the same time, busy.
Friday night we went over to Kathy’s house and the ladies made chocolate fondue while the boys played smash bro in the living room. Too bad we didn’t get very far on the ‘heart-to-heart’ talks. haha.

Saturday we had dinner with my Aunt and Cousin. My cousin is a bit older and I often feel I am in the same generation as his kids. They were initially pretty shy but after some running around and hiding toys we were making more noise than all the parents added togehter!

Sunday, my friend Alan Ma is interested in doing some modelling for a company recruiting on UofT campus. So him, Kathy, and I went to Yonge and Sheppard area to take some shots to send in.
I was my first time taking modelling shots and it was pretty fun. None of us really knew what we were doing but with some discussion and Kathy’s vast knowledge in fashion magazines we pulled off some shots. If anyone is looking for a model, I can provide Alan’s contact info.

I skipped school on Monday because I had a photoshoot at Buskro, my first co-op workplace. It was fun to visit the office and catch up with people that I worked with one and a half year ago. Some of the manuals that I had compiled are still in the same version! haha

SamWeekend In TO!

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  1. kathy

    haha awwwwwwwwww im in love with your cousin’s shirt!!! and him in ittt!!! he looks so adorable! one of those kinds of kids u just want to squeeze his cheeks and aww at him for hrs!

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