Thanksgiving Weekend

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A long weekend that is too short. But good nonetheless.
Thanksgiving Baptismal Service, Congrats Herman! A lot of out-of-towners also came home for the weekend, some of them I haven’t seen for over half a year. Sunday night, the high school friends gathered at Kathy’s house for a potluck. Kathy and Elton’s turkey was superb.
There was also squash soup, dumplings, samosas, fries, and shepard’s pie…dessert was cheese cake, pumpkin pies. Before and After. Haha.

Karen squishing me!

SamThanksgiving Weekend

Comments 4

  1. Ian

    Love your pics man.. Some day, I’m gonna have time for photography, and you’re gonna teach me all your lil tricks :)

  2. jsunkistc

    i liked all your pictures…they look so clear. i especailly like the one of your head getting squashed. i bet you’d squirt out turkey juice if your head popped that night ;)

  3. kathy

    AHAHAhAH YAYYYYYYY!!! that was sooo much food.. i am jealous that you got so much sheperds pie tho.. ahhahah sick eh? i have had turkey all week.. im actually starting to grow feathers and walk like one too…. =|

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