School, school, school…

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It is so sad when you start to eat out every meal because going home, cooking, and coming back on campus is taking up too much time.

My high school friends came up this weekend to volunteer for Operation Christmas Child and also party it up for Elvin’s birthday. Here is some pictures from Red Lobster. A break from all those geeky jokes like “fork you”

On another note, when we were making our real-time OS, our program terminates improperly and leaves 2 processes running on the server. The admin had to tell us to kill off about 44 stray processes which was slowing down the server. Later in the night, a classmate executed an infinite loop making blank processes and took down the server! S.M.A.R.T

SamSchool, school, school…

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    It’s good to see you pick up the camera and get some shootin’ done even over a meal, I know that RTOS is pwning you guys but keep it up! You’ll get it done somehow.

    productivity is proportional to 1/(time to deadline), trust me on that.

    I think the proper spelling is S-M-R-T and not S-M-A-R-T, you can check with Homer on that ;)

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