St.Jacobs Farmer’s Market

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Family at St. Jacobs. Enjoying live music, smell of fresh pastries, and chatting on the balcony.

Crunch time: 4 exams to go!

I think I am developing ADD, I can’t sit still anymore…and if I sit still, that’s because I have fallen asleep. It sucks that coffee does nothing to me, I am at a severe disadvantage.

SamSt.Jacobs Farmer’s Market

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  1. Horace

    I used to fall asleep constantly too…between coffee breaks and washroom breaks from too much coffee it doesn’t leave much time for studying ;)

    You have to find a way to be able to get into the zone though, that’s the key. It’s not so much how long you study, but the quality of the crammage. I suggest turning off your computer, even if it means printing out all the solution/problem sets and what not. Trust me, a focused session goes a long way (and I have to admit, sometimes being able to derive from scratch is fun and very helpful as well).

  2. jsunkistc

    not that i have much advice/wisdom to offer, but i find that once in awhile doing a devo time has helped me reset my priorities,…and at times has even made my study time more productive? i can’t explain why it happened that way…

    hang in there!

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