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I have come to the conclusion that during exam times the weather is always nice and even clouds have to be exceptionally beautiful. Perhaps that is due to the mind wanting to looking anything other than integrals…

One of our funniest profs, always telling jokes and sometimes they just end leaving us hanging in midair. He actually brought in some of his old pictures for the last day of class and the first picture is his ‘fro’! For those in the class: radar, frog+scropion, austrailia, jack & jill, D&D, the 70’s, guillotine jokes. haha.

I hate the words ‘it is obvious…’ in textbooks, they are just there to make you feel stupid and frustrated. I hate it even more when they put that in solutions and just don’t show any work. 2 down 2 to go, 1 week and counting.

I was hit by a fever on friday after the exam and was shivering and shaking even in my winter jacket…I ended up eating 4 super-sugary pancakes and that took care of the fever pretty good. The headache stuck around for a bit longer but that could be due to the sugar :)

SamIt is obvious…

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  1. Mike Purvis

    Totally hear you on the textbook thing. Greenberg’s writing is so pretentious as to be almost unreadable. Maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, except that the Trim book is so completely readable and straight-forward.

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