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Done and done! Class party at Mongolian was a lot of fun and a good way to wrap up the term. We flooded Mongolian and the waitress had to shove us aside to get through.

All the boys and they pansy-ass Martinis!

AJung and Utsav arm-wrestling…then showing off their guns. haha

Fatin wanted to eat my camera!

Paul seeking revenge after Behrouz ‘flashed’ him…

Have a good work term you all!

SamPost Exam in Mongolian

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  1. jsunkistc

    hey…yeah, last year we went to take that hike right along the rock wall…and down the wooden stairs into the cavern…and i though it was really cool because it was all covered in ice…and you’re right…the view was absolutely spectacular. The other teacher didn’t think it was so cool because he slid down the steps and sprained his ankle.
    Anyway, on a clear day, from the top lookout point, it’s said that you can see the CN Tower from there.

    My next mission right now is to crimp and save money in my department so that I can invest part of my school budget towards a digital camera.=)

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