Workterm Begins!

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I have arrived in Boston, the greyhound busride was a bit tiring but everything is going well. The place I am staying has a 50″ TV, 2 cats, and lots of space for me to lounge around.
Today was my first day back and when people see me right away asked “Are we going to do the boat this time? (Chinese sushi buffet)”, “Chicken!” and then hand me a bunch of work. Ohh well that is better than re-reading company policy again.

So one day when my brother and I were walking around downtown we saw this woman who was feeding hundreds of pigeons. A car drove by and all the birds took flight and we thought it would make an interesting picture. Well we had to scare the pigeons manually, several times, in order to get the right settings on our cameras.
The pigeon-woman saw this and told me “don’t scare my pigeons!” and came running after our final attempt (see picture below). She screamed at my brother “YOU KICKED MY PIGEON, YOU F****** A*******…” and then proceeded to chase us for a block or so. haha!

The end result…Success! My brother feels bad about it but I insist that she was the one breaking the law and should be arrested.

SamWorkterm Begins!

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  1. Horace

    I say next time we buy some really yummy treats for pigeons (what’s their favorite food btw?). Setup shop across the street from the MAD WOMAN and woo all “her” pigeons away from her! Yeah…I’m a horrible person…

  2. Brian

    What are you doing snooping around my building boy lol. I see the woman all the time. She sleeps in the park on Church just east of Yonge.

  3. zhen lu

    Sam, I have to say I am deeply moved by many of the pictures on your site. They bring about the very sweet memories of the places I visited and reflect your view of life. I wish I could be back to age 21, and cherish as much hope and enthusiasm about life and the world as you do ! Stay cool always and have fun in Hong Kong, a city I now call home.

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