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I am addicted to Craigslist, no surprise! But I am worried I won’t be able to get my stuff home in a few months…that’d be tragic. I will probably leave all my clothes behind just to get all the toys home :)

I love frost on my window – the patterns are really beautiful. Gotta love those leaky windows (not when my feet are sticking out of the blanket!)

Some more subway shots, I love the feeling of the green line even though its squeaking hurts my ears. I haven’t been caught yet…but chances are I will when I start setting up the tripod and stuff.

According to Ryan this is the most disgusting Mac&Cheese. I am not a big fan of it and judging by the cover I probably would have stayed away from it too.

SamShopping Spree

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  1. Ian

    haha, i like taking shots of the subway too.. there are a ton of em in London. What kinda toys did you get off Craigslist?

    You enjoying your term in Boston? :D
    Is it cold over there?


  2. Mike Purvis

    You boys are driving back, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting everything home… I’m thinking about taking Amtrak back instead of flying. It’s about half the price, and I can probably take a lot more luggage.

  3. karen

    hha mmm mac n favourite!
    i love craigslist too..but i look to it for jobs haha
    dont tempt me to look for camera or guitar stuffs!!

    wear thick thick socks.

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