Mike Purvis in Boston

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Mike decided to drop by Boston for the weekend and we walked all over town for the 2 days he was here.

We walked around the Harvard and MIT campus, below is a lecture hall inside the Stata Center.
It was impressive that there was no echoes bouncing around in this room *ahem* => RCH Rm.104

Mike and Ryan reading atop the Prudential Center while snow is falling somewhere far away.

At night we went Ryles Jazz Bar in Inman Square for some live music. The food and the music were fantastic and I loved how they decorated the place.

We visited the USS Constitution and joined the tour, surprisingly it was very interesting and gave us a glimpse of how the 500 sailors lived together.

We toured another docked destroyer and it was such a stark contrast against the old wooden ship with all its weapons and equipment.

SamMike Purvis in Boston

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