Hiking in Algonquin Park

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So a few post back I mentioned Macaroni & Cheese and it brought back some memories related to this food item.
The time was April of 2005 and I was just finished my first co-op term. Throughout the term I was planning a hiking trip with Ian, Ludwik, John Fong, Tim Moon, and Eric Tang and often drove around town after work to pick up supplies or scout out equipment.
We arrived at Algonquin Park and the park attendent informed us that the river has flooded the entrance and we would have to decide whether to go ahead or not. Ludwik was our first scout (left picture) and we tried to use garbage bags to keep his feet dry but the branches soon ripped them to pieces. We asked the intoxicated Moon and he just said “I’ll do it” so we all put on our packs and brave the freezing water.

The left image is Ludwik manning the stove, I recall we were cold and tired from the first day trek and was looking forward to a warm filling dinner. I had bought Easy-Mac by accident so in the end we each got about 2 spoonful of food and had to go to bed hungary. Due to the rainy conditions and soggy ground we often have to toast our shoes, socks, shirts at night.

Wet logs, icy, and wet ground meant that we sometimes lose out footings. Here John Fong totally wiped out and Eric with his daily fall into some sort of rivine that completely soaks him. The best part is Moon’s reactions!

Tim Moon was King of Ghetto with his Acura seatbelt, cut off Khakis, and never working fishing rods. The picture on the right shows the various techniques we tried to keep our feet dry…

To this day we are sill amazed that Ian managed to fall asleep on top of that tree root, it must have deformed his lungs permanently. In the evening, after everything is setup and settled it is so peaceful to just sit by the fire, chat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This is a picture right after we finished the trail!

THE bear stalking Tim, that was a close call.

The Skyline Lookout Point where we ate our trail mix, threw sticks off the cliff….

Tim ‘owned’ a tree so we had a big bonfire and also nice benches to sit on.

Fog moving in over the lake

Sushi!! As you can see we were famished and started harrassing the restaurant before it opened. Our whole table had this not-so-fresh and smoke smell but we didn’t care what others think. It was a very satisfying meal.

SamHiking in Algonquin Park

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  1. Ian

    haha .oh man.. good memoriesss.. that was so random but fun. I don’t even remember how this idea came about, or how we ended up with such a random group of ppl :)

    It was great though haha.. who knew that hiking was so tough. :)

    and it made the sushi buffet taste 10000x better ahaha

    ya.. good ol mac and cheese. :D

  2. jsunkistc

    hah…good stories…and yeah, maybe i will call that kid haha…though since it’s outside of school time, i wonder if it’d qualify as harassment…ahah jokes.

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