USS John F. Kennedy

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So friday night I flipped open the newspaper and realized that there is an aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy, is making her last stop in Boston before being retired. I called up Randy and he had to go downtown at 6am to go snowboarding but he said he could give me a lift to the harbor.
We got to the harbor at 5:45am but all the roads were blocked off by police. One police told me I can’t bring my bag onto the boat so I wasn’t planning on going onto the boat. But just as I was snapping a few pictures before leaving I was rudely shoved into the line because a truck was coming to salt the road. A few seconds later they opened the gate and people started moving and I was also forced through the bottle neck. The bunch of people behind me didn’t mind so that is how I became #40 in the line while waiting in line for about 1 minute!

The flight deck is over 1000ft long, they could use some scooter to get around. haha

The two planes on deck, they actually have a lot of nicks and bruises when you go up close but impressive nonetheless.

The planes attract so much attraction it was hard to get a clear shot. The picture on the right shows the biggest elevator I have ever been on.

Lineup that streched for over a mile. Apparently around 10:15am it was broadcasted on the radio that the quota for the day has been filled
Amazing even from across the harbor! You can see all the people jammed on the flight deck.

SamUSS John F. Kennedy

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  1. Ian

    Hahaha. nice shots — thats awesome– ive never seen an aircraft carrier before.. .well except playing “battleship”.

    Hey.. go online and gimme a boston address that i can send your postcard to :)

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