St.Patrick’s Day Parade

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Boston is the highest percentage of Irish population in the US and so it is no surprise that it also has one of the biggest St.Patrick’s Day celebration.

The Parade was not the most spectaular in terms of float construction but it certainly was unique. I will let the pictures demostrate my point.

We were all getting pretty cold standing for over an hour, Oliver had to put on his big furry hood.

A platoon of Star War troopers was definitely the highlight.

SamSt.Patrick’s Day Parade

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  1. Ian

    haha.. one of the biggest.. how bout THE BIGGEST ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE. — I was in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend, will be posting pics soon.

  2. Ian

    Hey man, hows it going.. check out thse photo-modified pics taken by Peter Eastway … pretty awesome huh? i’m gonna start learning how to use photoshop manipulation for some of my sceneries… it looks pretty cool

    another thing im trying to do is to get into portrait photography.. but that will have to wait until I can set up my home studio ahah.

    Taking pictures is an awesome hobby haha.

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