Bending the rules….

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Saturday morning, Ryan and I went to the Boston Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. It was pretty interesting but I think this year the robots are not as robust as the ones from previous years. There was a lot of team spirit and
I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon and it has some really amazing exhibits. I had to rush through it because I probably won’t have time to go back and I wanted to see all the different exhibits. They had a vast collection of Egyptian artefacts and that was really interesting. It was amazing that different cultures have such different ways to represent things and the amount of detail that goes into each piece of work.

The Orange T-train was being serviced so I took the opportunity to explore places where I would usually be kicked out.
I love desserted buildings/trains, they are full of surprises and mysteries. I was scared someone might be living there….

Turned out the interior is very well preserved (from the weather, not teenagers). It was getting late so I didn’t want to linger there for too long.

SamBending the rules….

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  1. Ian

    haha wow.. nice pics from the aquarium (haha. wow. that guy contacted you to see the pics? ) — I want to find a beat down train to explore too haha.

    Yeah.. its just like you said, in europe, every city has a different feel and so its so hard to compare if a place is better than another.. it’s just different. Still really cool travelling around :)

    not long now.. how does your waterloo schedule look this comin term?

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