Tron Gathering @ New York City

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So Thursday after work Jeff, Brandon, and Yassir met up in Waterloo and began their trek toward New York City. Brandon started a blog using his blackberry [] and let us know the situation inside Jeff’s van and how many times they have missed their exits.

Ryan and I took the Lucky Star! after work and arrived in New York City Chinatown at around 11:30pm. We went to Mike’s place, chatted for a while and then went off to bed.

I managed to drag Mike along to see the sunrise and we were out the door at 5:45, we had to cab it away from Manhattan Island but neither of us nor the cab driver knew where we were going so we just got dropped off by the water. Eventually we figured out where we needed to go…we ran about 3 blocks and then up 200 steps of stairs. I had to sit down after taking a few slanted shots :)
It was worth it though and we did see the sunrise despite the thick cloud covering.

We took the ferry back to Manhattan. Brandon and crew came around 10 and we head out to Grand Central and other attractions

In the evening we went to Carmine’s near Time Square. The food was family style and was really tasty.
This dessert was called “Titanic” and it had fruit and nuts on top of cream on top of ice cream on top of brownie. Total weight: 5lb+

This little girl was really cute and after talking to her I bought a bobble-head dinosaur, which now has two broken legs after taking the notorious Fung Wah busline…

The Waterloo crew left shortly after noon so we wandered the street some more. Ryan and I waited for about 2hrs to get to the top of the Empire State Building.

We got out of the subway at 7:55 and tried to catch the 8pm bus by running across Chinatown with all our bags. We ended up taking the 8:30 bus and got into Boston at 12:15am.

SamTron Gathering @ New York City

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  1. karen

    beautiful picutres as per usual :)
    when are you coming home?
    im craving mckyd’s breakfast..the food there just tastes
    better when im eating my mcmuffin and you steal it and take a big bite
    out of it and im left with liek 1/4 of the sandwich. hehe.
    ah well, it adds character..but thats why we need those
    buy one and get one free coupons hAha.
    be safe! :) and enjoy the rest of your workterm. :) :)

  2. Mike Purvis

    I think Yassir definitely got the shaft here. Ryan’s blocking him all out in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and in the up-top shot, he’s got someone’s finger in his ear!

    Also, sadpanda is crying about the little dinosaur. Can some superglue make sadpanda happy again?

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