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On the way to the game, we found out that this was the first game for Daisuke Matsuzaka “Dice-K”, their record high $103 million dollar pitcher.
When he got on the pitching mount, the whole stadium was blinking with camera flashes.

I was still a little chilly to be sitting outside for 3hrs so the fans were not as wild as they can be.

I wasn’t too interested in the game but I really liked Fenway Park, there is so much history in this building and even though it is not the most efficient, it certainly has character.

I didn’t end up watching the game, I wandered everywhere. People were thinking I am Japanese so they smiled and nodded when I walked by..haha

Success! I sneaked around the security guard and got into the clubhouse dining area, then the security guard asked me politely whether I am done taking photographs. :)

SamFenway Park

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  1. Ian

    hahaa wow! you got AWESOME TICKETS. i’m envious that you got to goto DIce-K’s opening game.. hes going to be a pitching ACE– possibly a future hall of famer. It’s HUGE news for baseball haha. so cool ;)

    yeah man. .when are you comin back? I’m comin back this coming saturday.. cant wait haha.

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