Back in Canada!

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So on Monday I went on a whale watch, it was a beautiful day with a very calm sea (1-2ft swells).

I was amazed at the size of the whales, at one point we were moving parallel with a fin whale and it was bigger than our boat!

A lot of time they surface, everyone rushes over but the whale has already made a deep dive into the ocean already.

With the boat, my arms, whale all moving at the same time it was pretty tough to lock on a shot.

Everytime I go indoors I would feel slighly woozy so I stayed outside. By the end of the 4 hr trip I was a little pink and light-headed from all the wind.

I definitely recommend it to those planning on visiting Boston, the staff on the boat were very knowledgeable and throughout the trip provided facts and described different species of whales and their behaviors.

Afterward, I did a photoshoot at the Aquarium focusing on the different animals.

After that I dragged all my belongings to the bus station and hopped on the bus, they gave me some slack and allowed my 82lb luggage. The bus trip lasted 14hrs and by the end even though I didn’t do anything, I felt like I was beaten up. Now I am back home enjoying my mom’s cooking!

SamBack in Canada!

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  1. AJung

    Hey~!!! You caught the turtle! and the little blue dude too! Wow! – I’m procrastinating from my work report btw…

  2. jsunkistc

    i like the whale shots…you shoulda put down your camera and pulled out your harpoon…shoot away brutha! haha…ok…no, don’t do that…i actually do like whales too. it was good to see you back! take care.

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