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Saturday we tried to surprise Jenn but it never works….she’s just too quick and pick up every hint. We were stuck outside the restaurant waiting for our table when she showed up…

It’s been so long since I have seen my high school friends and we all had a lot to catch up.

After the dinner I went with Pouyan and met up with Justin, Walter, and Greg. We played some smash, chat, ate cookies and played with his dog, Toby.

The dog was so playful and it was like a cotton ball dashing around. He liked to walk up to 3ft away and look at you but when you move he quickly dash away and then repeats the process.

Ohh yea Jenn if you are reading this, I managed to put the lens back in the right place but I will take me SOME time to put it back together so you should consider buying a replacement for the time being….

SamHigh School Friends

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  1. Aly

    wow you took apart the whole camera! i should give you mine.. i did the same thing to my camera at Karen Ng’s bday party a few years ago.

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