Mechatronics Picnic

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The Mechatronics Engineering Department invited all the 3A and 1B MTE students to a free BBQ and a time .
The turnout from the classes were great and even with 200 hungry students there was no shortage of food or drinks.

There were frisbee, football, soccer games. Here is Soheil testing Andrew’s zero back-pressure, fuel-spitting MG.

Trons for Children, a charity committee responsible for raise funds to sponsor a children in Third World countries, was giving away freezies and collecting voluntary donations. In the end the total donation amounted to $105! Yassir even got a shoe from Bryan. :)

Several people, even the prof, brought their instruments to the picnic.

Yassir wanted to dump the bucket of ice on Ludwik but due somehow it backfired and he ended up getting soaked. haha

SamMechatronics Picnic

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