After Midterm.

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Seems like this midterm week has been especially bad for our class, each successive exam got progressively more brutal and we had no time to recover.
For Power Actuators, the first question part b asked “if 6.5kW and 2.0KVAR were added to the loaded would the transformer be able to hold the load?” There was no way it could fit but we were all ripping our hair out since Part C was worth 10 marks asking for the correction factor…

It was fun to go shooting after the last exam and not have to rush back home to study. We went out to celebrate Oleg’s birthday party at night. :)

Went to the St.Jacob’s Farmer’s Market with Anthony and this lady messed with our brains with a deck of trick cards… We didn’t buy it because we were low on cash (the fresh produce are more tempting in this case)

1 Lab report and 1 pre-lab due Monday, Quiz on tuesday. We are definitely getting our money’s worth of school work.

SamAfter Midterm.

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