LBA: Sigma 135-400mm

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The itch is back, this time I decided to try out a lens with longer reach: Sigma AF 135-400mm f/4.5-5.6 APO Aspherical RF.
Here are a few of the test shots, it is very difficult to get steady shots handheld and not a not very concealable walk-around lens but so far I am pretty happy with it.

Walked around and explored downtown Toronto with my brother on Friday evening. For supper we went to a Greek restaurant on Danforth and had flaming cheese. “Opa!”

Sticking my head out of the car and taking pictures. Risky business :)

Went to Wonderland on saturday with my classmates and it was a lot of fun.
This week I will have to pay for not doing any work over the weekend. blah.

SamLBA: Sigma 135-400mm

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