Canada Day Weekend

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For the Canada Day long weekend I decided to stay in Waterloo. On Saturday I went out with family to nearby towns around Waterloo. We had some yummy pastries and walked around the Grand River. Horace got himself a few pet frogs.

On Sunday, 7 of us went fishing near Fergus, we first dropped by Canadian Tire to buy 2 fishing rods and fishing licesnses. None of us (except Harry) had fished before so when we arrived at the park we were quite clueless how to begin.

What does this circle thingie do? What fish is here and how do we tie this? Alright…how do we cast the line?

We bought some live bait and Mike did a wonderful job spearing them. “I have a good feeling about this one!”

Our second fishing rod had its share of problems with tangling lines: 1) 10am 2) 12pm 3) 3pm

In the end our optimism didn’t pay off and we left the park empty handed. We should have kept the baits, at least we would have something to grill…

“This is gotta be the most expensive fish ever! 7 people working for 4hrs, gas, fishing equipment, license, bait…”

SamCanada Day Weekend

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