Summer Conference 2007

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This past weekend I was at Georgian College with my church, Don Mills Baptist Church. Even though I was piled up with school work I was a good weekend to reflect, learn and spend time with friends!

We all met at church and rented a school bus to take us to Barrie. This was Eric trying to use his body to stop the bags from toppling over!

The main worship/lounge area. My character of the weekend was WONDER WOMAN (thanks Horace)!

Volleyball tournament, with random bonuses and handicaps…the pirates kept losing because they had absolutely no depth perception.

The last activity was to design an egg drop. We could use the points we earned from the previous group games to purchase the building material. Some really cool design and some cool splashes.

Thank you for the planning committee for making it happen and ensure things ran smoothly.
Pointing to the happy faces on his shoulder, “Ian are you trying to be copy Tim?”
Kathy and Shirley, next year we will get you back….with interest.

SamSummer Conference 2007

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  1. Ian

    hehehe. shirley and kathy are ddeeeeaddd :)

    awesome pics man.. i’ll get mine up soon.. well .. once im done everything heh.

    sigh :(

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