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The past week in Boston went by way too fast, but I did get to catch-up with friends and co-workers. On Sunday night, Pat, Ryan and I went to the St.Anthony’s Feast in the North End.

Feast is definitely a good word to describe the North End. There were lots of food, drinks, games, and concerts but I still don’t know who St.Anthony is except people like to pin dollar bills to his figure.

Summer in Boston have so much happening and the overall mood is very relaxing.

I worked in the New England Aquarium for 3 days and it was a lot of fun. Even after spending hours near the giant ocean tank taking photos of the different animals I didn’t get tired of the seeing the expressions on the children’s faces when a shark or sting rays swims by.

I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch them feed baby penguins, perform a endoscope check on a French Angle Fish, and join the seal trainers during their training sessions.

Tim and I went on a whale watch and we were very fortunate the whales were breaching (jumping) out of the water! Hard to imagine the power needed to send these 30 tonne animals out of the water!

Work starts tomorrow for me, I am quite excited. Hope everyone have a good start at school and work for the coming term.

SamBack from Boston

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