Daily Photostream!

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My brother and I have recently just launched a new daily photo blog. All the modification and theme icons are done by Horace, I think it looks fantastic!
Visitors can play a little game to guess which one took the shot for that particular day. Winner gets the opportunity to travel all over Europe (at your own cost of course!).

The new blog will be a good way to display some random pictures that I usually don’t upload onto this blog, hope you enjoy it, comments + critiques are always welcome!

SamDaily Photostream!

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  1. AJung

    WHAT~?!!!! Squintyeyes? That’s AWESOME!! Now I get to see ALL your pictures and Horaces, no?? That’s only fair, considering I shared so many philosophy essays with you! Muhahah~ More of those essays to come~! no worries~!!

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