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*9:45AM on a Saturday, I am half awake in my bed*
Dad runs in: “You have someone at the door for you”
Me: “Huh?” (think to myself…well I don’t remember doing anything bad yesterday so I am probably ok…)
I walked to the front door and a young 20something looking oriental guy is at the door. I open the door and it took me 1 full second to realize it is my long lost friend from Windfields Junior High!

Jin-Baik, or know as Justin to some, was my elementary and junior high school buddy. Him, Justin Medina, and I used to walk/bike to school everyday, explore the woods, light things on fire, tobaggon down random hills, crawl into the sewage system, fall into a river in the middle of winter, play deadman and foot hockey during lunches, and fake wrestling.

Here are some old pictures from our Gr.6 fieldtrip to Mansfield. Oh the good times!

Jin-Baik moved away to Richmanhill in the middle of Gr.8 and we had 1 telephone conversation. The very smart me managed to lose his number and we have since lost touch. I have tried to search for him on Facebook or ask other Windfields people haven’t had too much luck. The good news is that he is going to be in town for the next few months so we have some catching up to do…..and stuff to light on fire. :)

SamUnexpected Visitor!

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