Company Holiday Party

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The company Christmas party took place at the Courthouse in downtown Toronto. The Couthouse was a court building in the old days but have now been converted into an entertainment venue.

This is a fellow graphics designer and me doing the fob pose!

The magician they hired was phenomenal, he could guess any number you were thinking and guess where the knife is placed with his eyes closed. I was trying to to find the clues or hints that he was using to guide the audience to do exactly what he wants. Like that trick going around the internet where you do a bunch of simple calculations then have to think of an object quickly and it is a Red Hammer everytime….

After the performances the dancing started. Interested to see some of people outside of the work setting. :P

Time is flying by, 2 more weeks of work to go! I really hope I pass this last PDEng course….I have had enough.

SamCompany Holiday Party

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  1. Ian

    nice nice.. term is almost endingggggg!
    hope you had a good one. I think i’m gonna be back in T.O For good when i grad!

    Shirley says shes gonna be back soon and i’m gonna be back on the 22nd, maybe one of the days after Christmas we’ll all chill?

  2. Ian

    hahah yeah.. its been a long time since i updated. I’m defnitely excited about coming back to T.O and i’m sure we’ll chill a lot more once we’re in the same city again :P

    i cant wait!

    looks like ur work term turned out great as well. good luck on passing pdeng! haha.

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