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2 Days left for our automatic nut sorter design project!

For the past 2 weeks we have taken over the student machine shop and there has been a continuous line-up to get in.

The lab on a typical day Our nut sorter at 5am – debugging the jittery stepper motor Steve and Yassir were the mechanical leads for our project

We all lose it at one point or another….like posing in front of other people’s machines or trying to be cheerful.

Of course, while waiting in line for the machine shop we are all busily copying missing notes from the morning classes.


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  1. Horace

    Looks like some fine engineering learning going on there, despite the insane amount of work. Someday you are all going to sit around a table reminiscing about these good ol’ days.

    I really respect the hard work and engineering designs you guys put into this, make sure to take lots of videos of the nut sorters!

  2. ian

    hahaha, the life of an engineer. it actually looks like lots of fun– hands on projects are the best… too bad there are ridiculous deadlines and an insane amount of other work to be done lol..
    good lukc with it, and ya.. definitely post videos (youtube?) of the nut sorters!

  3. jsunkistc

    what’s the biggest size nut you can cram in there? could i hypothetically shove in one of my kids? heh…sorry, couldn’t resist…

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