LBA: Pentax SMC-M 50mm F/1.2

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A while ago, I said I would stop buying manual focus lenses. But I just couldn’t stop myself from trying the legendary 50mm F/1.2.

Even though it is more cumbersome to manually adjust everything but this lens can make everything seem surreal with its buttery smooth bokeh.

We went to Dos Amigos to celebrate Charlie’s birthday. The service was a little slow but the food was pretty good.

Kenny showing off his pipes to impress the ladies. I think he had a better chance with his ripped pants.

SamLBA: Pentax SMC-M 50mm F/1.2

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  1. Ludwik

    Sam, when it comes to buying lenses, or rather to resisting impulses to that end, you’re a lost cause :P.

  2. Ian

    oh wow, that looks nice :)
    in mongkok, theres lots of places to buy lenses, and i saw a sproting equipment store that has some deals, its on Sai Yee road (for my own reference, before i forget) haha

  3. zhen lu

    Sam, I have to say I am deeply moved by many of the pictures on your site. They bring about the very sweet memories of the places I visited and reflect your view of life. I wish I could be back to age 21, and cherish as much hope and enthusiasm about life and the world as you do ! Stay cool always and have fun in Hong Kong, a city I now call home.

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