Exploring Hung Hom

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I am trying hard to fit into to the Hong Kong culture and I am failing miserably. I think the cookie monster strapped to a giant backpack is a dead giveaway of a tourist. But being a tourist also has some advantages…so far I have managed to get discounts and free pastries for telling the owners about life in Canada. To AJung, meet a Junk. (insert laughter here)

Saturday I visited my old neighborhood, Hung Hom, the buildings are getting old but have developed characters of their own.

Me in front of the park that I spent many of my childhood hours scraping my knees and terrorizing the flower beds.

Chinese markets are always filled with surprises. Here are some shriveled up lizards for soup/medicine, I thought about buying some to hang in my room, like a trophy!

Here is a classic butcher scene. People can actually handle and sniff the meat before buying.

SamExploring Hung Hom

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  1. Horace

    Hey looks like the smog isn’t so bad yet. After rain it’s usually clear as well. When I was there I can hardly see across the harbour.

    Looks like you’re having fun :)

  2. Alice Kong

    Hello, I am from Hung Hom as well. May I please have your permission to use the skyrise and market pictures for my final project? Thank you!!! Alice Kong, UCSD

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