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Elvin, Kevin, and Scarlette came to Hong Kong after visiting Japan and I met up with them on Saturday to ‘show them around’. I didn’t know what to show them so we hopped onto a random tram and ended up at Kennedy Town. I saw a name that I remembered as a reservoir and told Elvin and Kevin we will try to get there.

After doing many stupid things like sprinting up a hill, getting lost inside Hong Kong University, and being told that we are about 2hrs away from the said reservoir, Elvin was about to rip my head off. The picture on the right shows our closest approach with the reservoir!

We were literally sweating buckets, Elvin’s jeans were a shade darker, I was seriously worried about fainting when we saw the woman selling water. After a water break we trekked across Hong Kong Island and arrived at The Peak. We looked like we just got out of a pool, I will spare you the images.

Took them shopping in Mong Kok, can’t beat the price and variety they offer.

Too bad they were only staying in Hong Kong for 2 days, good times though.

The next day I woke up and lost my voice….I should stop eating random stuff from the street side vendors.

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