Donquan, China

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For the past week and a half I have been stationed in Donquan, China working with the local engineering team.

The city is booming with satellite offices from Hong Kong enterprises and on the outskirt, countless factories churning out goods 18hrs a day. The city is not very safe, with pick pockets, robbery, to outright kidnapping of foreigners so most of the following pictures are taken from a moving vehicle. The locals rely mostly on bicycles, tricycles, and any type of vehicle to carry loads.

There are no traffic rules in the city, a 6 lane street can have about 8 cars side by side, the drivers are all extremely aggressive but they have treat it very seriously. Honks should be wired so that it would be turned off when it is pressed. Surprisingly with the chaos on the road there are very few accidents.

Anything goes…

I have never seen such a flat city before. Along the highway it can be seen that mountains are being flattened for the new developments. The extra gravel and rocks are used to fill in ponds and craters.

Noble Engrish on a motorcycle.

With the one child policy, this guy’s putting everything in one basket!

The internet here is really slow and many sites are blocked, sorry if I disappear of the face of the earth.

SamDonquan, China

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  1. Horace

    Too bad it’s so unsafe, otherwise I’m sure there are a lot of interesting sights. That Engrish is very funny, they didn’t even get the name right haha. I think the tilt-shift might look better if the focus is more towards the middle.

  2. Ian

    Wow, I really like that first picture — so unique with its super-shallow depth of field. It sucks that China has blocked off a lot of sites– but enjoy your experience there! How was Shanghai with your relatives? I’m sad that I’ve left asia :( .. but good luck with the rest of your term!

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