The People of Aberdeen

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New meets old. The boat people living in Aberdeen seems to be untouched by the changes around them. The wooden boats with their canvas tops move endlessly between the grid-like larger fishing vessels.

Different boats take on specialized roles, some are for tourists, some for transporting goods, and some are use for community gatherings. There is order in this seemingly temporary network of boats.

The people seem to have such a strong bond with their neighboring boats. They gather at the big boats to play mahjong, sit on the decks or gather around a communal TV set.

Some interesting artifacts on the shore, such as these prayers for safe journey.

There are water taxis that take patrons to the Jumbo Restaurant, the world’s largest floating restaurant.

A very beautiful sunset on the way home.

SamThe People of Aberdeen

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  1. Horace

    I really really like that top-down shot of the floating restaurants (even though it’s the back side). Did you have to do much walking for that?

  2. A.

    Omg! Floating restaurants? That sounds fun!! :) I’m glad you had the chance to take lots of photos this weekend!

  3. jsunkistc

    oh yeah…Jumbo restaurant…I remember thinking at first that it’d be the most awesome place around…but it actually turned out to be kinda plain inside…like a regular chinese restaurant in T.O….and technically, it’s not really “floating” as much as it’s attached to some posts that are firmly set underwater…sorry to burst your bubble A. =) But still go if you get the chance so that you can say you went to a “floating” restaurant”.

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