Plover Cove Reservoir / Tai Mei Tuk

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This Saturday, I joined 8 other co-workers to go on a hike. According to another co-worker it is ‘relatively easy’ and from the guide book it looks like a well-paved trails with local restaurants along the way.

So I wore an old pair of running shoes that I stole from my grandpa….the soles have fallen off on a previous trip. Turns out there was no paved roads for the entire trip, just a lot of loose gravels and steep hills. It rained a few times which cooled us off but at the same time made the steep hills ever more dangerous.

The view was spectacular but at this point it was about 5pm and 4hrs from each exit.

When you see a sunset with no end in sight…it is usually a bad idea. AGAIN.

Umm….we are still 2hrs away from the finish, we have no water…let’s call the police. At this point we contemplated about throwing someone down a hill so we can score the free helicopter ride.

We called the police and stayed near a landmark to wait for the rescue personnel. We were still joking around and debated whether we should look ‘deader’ for the rescue crew…

The hills were dotted with flashlights and after 45min the fire fighters came to the rescue with water and crackers. All in all, they dispatched around 20 personnel, 2 fire engines, 1 police van, and 1 ambulance to rescue us. We were extremely grateful for their help and was surprised by the level of service they provided.

Icing on the cake. Free trip inside a police van. *Crosses off an item from to do list*

And we got to sit in the fenced area too! It was fun waving to nearby cars along the way, too bad they don’t wave back.

We couldn’t stop laughing and thinking back to the hike even in the car ride. I got home at 3AM and after I showered I was too tired to even scratch the 20+ mosquito bites on my legs.

SamPlover Cove Reservoir / Tai Mei Tuk

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  1. Ian

    hahaha absolute nuts. thats the best story i’ve heard. This must be the first time the police were involved in one of your exploration adventures haha

  2. Horace

    Beautiful place! (I really like the 3rd shot). Apparently you didn’t learn from that time at Algonquin. Anymore hiking trip this coming weekend haha?

  3. jsunkistc

    that’s pretty crazy heh…though I’m a little surprised you called the police. I was reading the story and expecting you to continue on the trek, stumble out at some point in the forest and find yourself in the middle of some street ready to hail a taxi. =)

  4. Post

    Well just to put things into perspective, 3 people died in separate hiking incidents in HK on the exact same day. 1 from a fall and 2 from heatstroke. :(
    A few people from the group were cramping up due to the lack of water and that is very dangerous going down a steep hill with loose footholds.

  5. jsunkistc

    ah…icic…well, that does put it into a different context. glad you and your friends came out safe in the arms of the HK police.

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