All in a Day’s Work

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Due to the small living quarters in Hong Kong, those that cook at home like to go grocery shopping everyday in order to get the freshest ingredients and also save space. Therefore there are many local markets near residential area, a place for the shoppers to chit-chat, compare goods, and stay a top local gossips.

Picking the meat of your choice, by hanging it up they can’t hide a piece of fat or inferior grade meat from the buyer. The general practice is to point to the desired item and they will pull it off from the rack for you to examine. It is such a stark contrast compared against the supermarkets in Canada where meat is prepackaged and are wrapped in Styrofoam packages.

“You gonna buy it or not?!”; “Very good fish, cheap cheap!”

Old lady that sells junk under a bridge. I had buy some broken toys from her to take this picture!

All done for the day, see you tomorrow.

SamAll in a Day’s Work

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