Pentax SMC-FA* 300mm F/4.5 ED [IF]

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One of the most anticipated lens of this year. I had bought it while I was in Hong Kong and Horace kept telling me how wonderful it is to taunt me.

Took it for a spin in Kensington Market, it took a while to get use to since it is an equivalent of 450mm in 35mm standards. I was literally ‘head hunting’ in the crowded streets.

This lens is a legend and has sinced been discontinued. I was debating between this or the DA*300mm but in the end decided I love the old school look too much.

I was amazed by the details this lens could pull out. The bokeh is also buttery smooth.

The long focal length allowed for some natural candid shots but in some cases some passer-by can right into the picture as well!

Horace and his new Mamiya medium format system. It is exciting taking film photos with full control, it takes many steps to setup for a shot but forces the user to consider different perspectives and factors beforehand.

Here are some of the shots from this camera, click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

SamPentax SMC-FA* 300mm F/4.5 ED [IF]

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