Gift From the Tron09 Class

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Wednesday night, the idea was generated over some wings and beverage @ Molly’s.
Monday night, mysterious laptop arrive, recruitment for first-year wannabe began.

Tuesday, contacting the professor, planning the location of cameras and 1st year dress codes.
Wednesday 10am. Last run through, the laptop smasher was missing so we recruited Alex last minute, we had to remind him a few things about PDEng to get him all fired up.
10:30am, Jerry, Ryan, Yassir, Alex, and myself infiltrated the first year Mechatronics class. We had our keys around our necks, frosh tote bags, and looked eager to start the lecture.
10:45am, Yassir has made a few high school anecdotes and trying to illustrate his superiority. The professor plays along and suggests Yassir should go into Arts. We tried to fan the crowds with ohhs, ahhs, and headshakes.

Mission Successful!

SamGift From the Tron09 Class

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    Well it took just over a week to pull it off but very few things were scripted. The prof is the adviser of the Mechatronics Department and he likes to have a little fun once in a while :D

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