Mechatronics Fall Soccer Lineup

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With over 35 people registered on 2 teams, the trons with their red jerseys have made quite a name for ourselves.
Enter “Captain Saro and the Planeteers”! Led by Saro and each has a power of earth, wind, water, fire and heart, this team is full of spirit and good times.

Half-time. We need to stick to our positions and get to the ball first.

Planeteers aside, team “Ludwik And Anthony’s Most Excellent Adventure Team … United” is armed to the teeth going for the glory. I don’t know how Fatin got his leg stuck so high.

Aaron, our goalie, scored a goal in the first game…go figure.

SamMechatronics Fall Soccer Lineup

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    Yup, all taken with the FA*, it is pretty good for soccer pitch sizes but when they run close I can only see the number on their jersey….

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