4th Year Project: ARGO

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For the next 7 months, I will be working with Ryan Gariepy, Ryan Jolivet, and Ludwik Sobiesiak on converting the 6×6 Argo ATV into an GPS navigation vehicle. We decided to take the Argo out for some ‘test’ to better understand its performance.

We had to jump through a lot of hoops, to borrow the department van, trailer, trailer hitch in order to bring the Argo out to the testing area.

I had never driven a big van, not to mention a big van with a trailer. They were screaming from the back “Argo is still here…”, “Slow down!”, “Wide-turn!”, “Train tracks!”

To make it even more challenging we had to get gas and put some air in the tires. I pretty much blocked off the entire pavement with the trailer.

The Argo can go at 19km/h in low gear and 45km/h at high gear!

Ryan the cowboy testing the minimum turning radius (donuts).

Gathering data. Sorry about the field.

Hitting a big bump at high speed, our bodies are the only suspension in the vehicle…

mike4th Year Project: ARGO

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  1. Horace

    Wow! Did you try to cross streams? Jumps? Flips?

    I wish our 4YDP is as fun, all we got is a radio in a cookie tin!

  2. Sam

    Supposedly it can go in water it was scary enough just driving on a field, we decided to not terrorize the CIF geese.

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