Lights and Colors

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Recently I have been playing with the Lensbaby 2.0 PK mount. It is the poor man’s tilt-shift, those who have a job buys the real tilt-shift: The Hartblei Super-Rotator. The good thing with the lens is I don’t mind experimenting with it, in this case I shoved in a home made square aperature which produce quite a nice effect.

It is frustrating to try and get a sharp shot, but many of the times I don’t find it necessary. The blur effect combined with the vibrant colors gives it different feel.

I have been pretty busy with the 4th year project so my group members often became my test subjects.

The DOF is very shallow at wide open, with the distortion it is very tough to focus accurately.

For the past week I have been working with AJung on the for my AI project, Wumpus World, a 10×10 ‘cave’ where the computer player tries to find gold while avoiding pits or the Wumpus by .

SamLights and Colors

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