A Reflection of 2008

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What have I learned in 2008 and how much have I changed after 2 academic terms and 1 work-term? The year 2008 has been challenging and eye-opening. After a 10 year absence, I worked in Hong Kong and China for 4 months. The work culture and lifestyle were very different from the North American way of life. Seeing the rapid development in China, the factories and workers that assemble all the goods we use on a daily basis was baffling. One thing that stuck me was that if I was brought up in China I could have been the one sitting in the factories assembling the products. It was humbling to realize that our surrounding environment have such a large bearing on our future.

Next year will be a year of decisions. As we near graduation, it will be a new chapter for everyone in the Mechatronics 2009 class. Also for my other friends there are many other events such as re-location, engagements, and new jobs.
Despite the uncertainty and tough economic situations, I am excited to face the next year and meet the challenges!

SamA Reflection of 2008

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