First Roll with Pentax 645

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Another exam stress relief purchases, or just another excuse for me to buy new camera gear! I resisted the urge to use it till all the finals were finished and as soon as I got home I sat down, read the manual, played with the different settings and put in a roll of B&W 400 film.

The build quality is superb and even though there is a lot complain about the buttons I found it quite easy to access and use. So far the metering is dead-on but I haven’t tried some tricky scenarios yet. The viewfinder is large and bright but since it is only manual focus I have to focus my subject in the center.

A classic barbershop with interesting displays on the side.

Intersection of Dundas and Spadina.

I wish this one was in color. The streets and posters had so much festive colors while the homeless man was begging for money….

A dark alley with very strong reflections.

My high school shop teachers, Mr.Kodai and Big John.

At a Chinese grocery store. I got kicked out by another one when I took out the camera!

I realized mid-way that I should learn more about the B&W color theory but so far it hasn’t been too bad!

SamFirst Roll with Pentax 645

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