Marwikpolooza 2009

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Party at Unit 504 to celebrate Ludwik, Anthony, and Martin’s birthdays. Despite the snowstorm a lot of people still showed up to the party.

With one half of the apartment for drinking and chatting, the other half holds the Battle of the Bands.

Don’t know where the idea came from but Pat grabbed a pot and metal spoon for his ‘cowbell’. Whenever he is not holding a beer he would go for the pot….

Audience Choice goes to Anthony’s rendition of “Roxanne”.

Pat and Behrouz received the most animated award.

Ludwik jumps in with his OUTDOOR voice!

The ARGO crew doing some obscure/nerdy signs….I won’t go into it.

4am: Actual quote by Martin to the Paramedics…
Someone was having an allergic reaction and fortunately was fine the next day.

SamMarwikpolooza 2009

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