Engineering Gradball 2009

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School has been very hectic the last week. But with less than 1 month of classes left, it is time for some graduation themed posts. The Engineering Gradball took place at St.George Hall north of campus. About 600 graduating students attended the event and it was a great time to dress up and forget about school work for a while!
To start us off: Tristan with the bow tie; Utsav showing off his Space Shuttle tie.

Anthony and Ludwik – my faithful test subjects.

Myself and my date, AJung.

Behrouz and Cindy.

Steve, AJung, and Yassir.

Brandon and his girlfriend.

Group photo of those from the class of Mechatronics 2009!
After dinner and award ceremonies. Jolivet commanded the start of partying and dancing.
[Left] Aaron brought out his shiny flask. [Right] Ludwik and Heather taking a break on the side.

Paul performing his stationary sprint while Soheil tries desperately to protect himself.

The mid-air jumping shot, love the expressions!

Danilo roaming the dance floor.

The Mechatronics corner where we congregated.

Yin Yang – Robot + yoga moves, anything goes!

By midnight, a strange glow was emanating from Utsav. I think he was overheating from all the 6-Degree Manipulator dance!

I have set up a Gallery with more photos for those interested! Thanks to Tristan for taking some of these photos when I goofed off elsewhere. If you would like high res copies please leave a comment or send me an email.

SamEngineering Gradball 2009

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