IRS and Pancake Breakfast

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True to tradition we met up at Pat’s house and enjoyed some pancakes, bacon, and some alcoholic beverages the day before we get our rings. We also had a costume making party in the basement

The theme of the costumes were, naturally, ROBOTS. We picked up a bunch of cardboard boxes, rolls of aluminum foil, duct tape, and misc stuff lying around our rooms.

Some like shiny stuff…..

Awesome-O vs Walking DVD player box.

[Left] Jolivet with his bling necklace and quick detectable head [Right] I sported a more nimble suit so I can keep on taking pictures.

We wanted to attend our multi-variable controls lecture so we all walked together down Columbia. We got quite a few stares from the passing by drivers.

The robots with more girth kept running into doorways and poles in the school…

We finally made it to class, the robots sat respectfully in the back without blocking the views of other students.

Can’t resist the temptations….

Pat dressed as Bender (I don’t think he remembers being at the BBQ though).

How on earth did Aaron morph from a chicken to a cow in a matter of 8hrs?

Terminator and Super-charged Optimus Prime with backpack powered 12in speakers

Another one of those crazy weeks: 1 exam, 1 lab+report, 1 design report, and 2 projects due. See ya!

SamIRS and Pancake Breakfast

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