WRTT Charity Gig ’09

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Similar to previous UW Jazz Band events, each time they bring up new jokes, a lot of energy and great music.
I thought the workload would drop off as classes finish and start into the final examination period, but I have been struggling to hand in projects and labs.

This time I tried out with a more up close approach and chose to use a 100mm. I also forgot my flash at home so that made it a little more challenging as well. But I think the K20D really came through with the lower high-ISO noise (yes I upgraded!).

The UW Accent Choir also joined in the performance, I particularly liked the Acappella in the end.

Some of founding members like Sunny Ng [right image] are also graduating.

This is probably the last gig I will be shooting for them and I hope they continue to grow and keep up the great performances. Previous post related: [Dec,08 Charity Gig] [April,08 Charity Gig]

SamWRTT Charity Gig ’09

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