Backpacking in Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula

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This past weekend I went with Horace, Aaron, and Rishi for a short backpacking trip along the Bruce Trail near Tobermory. We were pretty restless from an entire winter or indoor activity that we bushed aside the ‘potential’ thunderstorm and rain from the weather forecast…

The start of the trail was relatively easy. We were in high spirit and making good time. However, many things brought back memories from hiking in Algonquin Park several years ago. The spring run-off, the flooding of the lowlands, the snow/ice patches in shaded areas…

We took a lunch break and heard the rumbling of thunder moving toward us. This is the last picture in which we were dry for the next 2 days.

Rishi (Jamal) had to stash some dry cloths into the pack while Aaron (One-ball) looked away.

We were still about 6hrs away from our campsite so we had to speed up while not risking injuries.

Originally, the trail is bumping and slipping with the moss on the rocks. Add on some rain and it was just dangerous. Here Horace had to use his rock climbing skills to conquer the steep rock face.

We got to the campsite at 7pm, we had less than 45minutes of sunlight to setup camp, cook, and get ready for darkness.

The next day, the toughest part was getting out of the damp sleeping bag to put on wet socks and shoes. The hot oatmeal was so very delicious.

The weather was 2DegC, windy and drizzling continuously….it was impossible to keep anything dry. We were protected from the wind by the trees but the terrain was also more difficult.

Our lunch break…our hands were so cold it took two people to open ziploc bags. We had to keep moving in order to stay warm.

The last 100m of the hike involved us trekking across a series of smooth, slanted rock while the waves were trying to sweep us away. I had to focus so hard on staying alive I didn’t even take a picture.

Every time I go camping I come to appreciate the comforts of our daily lives. Things like dry shelter, hot shower, dry socks are quite luxurious when out in the open. Great trip though!

SamBackpacking in Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula

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  1. Horace

    Great pics yo. If not for the crappy weather it’d be even better. But still beats sit around doing nothing. Plus your mind’s selective memory makes sure you only remember the good parts later on. Thundershower? Bring it!

  2. Mike Purvis

    Isn’t camping great for getting you to appreciate food that would be borderline rejectable under any other circumstances?

    Now, where’s my burnt sausage, undercooked potato, and creamed corn, all served together in a plastic bowl?

  3. aaron

    Indeed, great pics! I’d do the same thing all over again… Not sure about an additional day though. Cold and wet definitely beats sitting at home.

    Looking forward to trip 2.

  4. mel

    Nice pics :) I remember being in Tobermory WAY back but didn’t quite get to see this side of it! Cheers to the trekkers :)

  5. Victor

    Great stuff! Bruce Peninsula is a great place to be. I had the thunder & heavy rain situation last time too while I hike too!

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