A Week In Beantown

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Time flies when you are having fun. I spent some time wandering around Boston in the wee hours and it had a very different feel compared, the street performers and crowd has disappeared, leaving the historic buildings behind.

Quincy Market, I got in trouble for ‘wandering’ in while they were cleaning…I didn’t know any better :P

The Rosebud Diner near Davis Square, Somerville. You can only get away with the intense pink neon lights with such a classic setup.

Running into a war veteran and chatting with him. Inside, the war has never really ended for him and substance abuse is one way for him to get away.

I didn’t expect to do much at the Aquarium initially but turned out there was a little of different stuff going on. It was really neat working alongside the biologist and trainers that oversee the well-being of the animals.

I spent a morning with the group that maintains the large area for the penguin exhibit. Here they are feeding them fish and logging them so they don’t get overweight.

Rockhopper Penguin African penguin moulting (changing fur)

Me in a wetsuit for the morning. The penguins knew I was new so were poking at me curiously.

There are always lots happening the Giant Ocean Tank…

This cownose ray is fast swimming bugger!

In the Animal Medical Center they were doing a check-up on recovering stranded sea turtles.

Whale watching, this time we spotted 2 humpback whales logging near the surface. The size of these animals are just baffling!

Tomorrow I will be starting a 2-week roadtrip with Anthony, John, and Ludwik. Just putting us in a van would be an experience by itself, with insults flying everywhere. We have started a blog, Engineering East Coast Expedition, for updates along the way, see you there!

SamA Week In Beantown

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