University of Waterloo, in 120 Film

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Toward the end of 4B, knowing the school is undergoing many changes, many of the student teams and labs would soon be moved to the new E5 building. I really wanted to capture the different parts of university life of 2009. There was something lacking with digital camera, too much focus on aspects such as sharpness, color, and noise of the photo and miss the true objectives.
Perhaps it is the suspense with using film. In the end I decided to use the Yashica Mat-124G for the job. Fully Manual. Click.

John from the Student Machine Shop. Thanks for putting up with all our last minute projects.

Don Fraser at the Kick-off Sports Bar. I still remember the 0/10 he gave me for the C++ assignment. :)

Professor Huissoon during class prof hour.

Aaron, doing what he does best, nothing.

Paul proudly showing off his opinion regarding PDEng in the exit survey.

The lovely mural in POETS.

Andrew posing beside the Formula SAE frame he designed.

The Clean Snowmobile team. We were really scared the night they tried to start it beside the Robotics Lab.

Ben and his sexy ride trying to seduce ARGO team members…

DC Library. I distinctly remember thinking “I should be studying right now…”

Someone drew out the escape path out of MC. The key is not to look at the room numbers.

I guess it is quite fitting to be posting these photos now that we have graduated and got the paper! Hopefully these photos bring back some good memories or provide a glimpse into the 5 years that we spent in University of Waterloo.

SamUniversity of Waterloo, in 120 Film

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  1. aaron

    i dunno man, but i think i like the psychiatric hospital photos better… hahaha

    Great shots, love the high noise work. Definitely brings out the “vintage” feel to the Waterloo days (let’s keep it “vintage”, ;p)

  2. Catherine Ma

    Hi Sam, As a long time missing you, Are you back to H.K. now? and Are you always staying in Changping/Dongguan? I work in Dongguan as my recent job. If you have time, I wish to have a dinner with you and Spin friends. You leave many good memories on me. Waiting your reply, missing you.

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